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Community Service Hours

Community Service Log Form

Cabin Leader for 6th Grade SCIENCE CAMP-earn upto 60hrs of community service

Volunteer to be a cabin leader for a week at SCIENCE CAMP!  This program is run by the County of Santa Cruz, and is located in the hills of Corralitos, CA. 

If you are interested, click on the link below and print out the application form, or come pick one up in the office.  Recruit a few of your friends, and you MIGHT be able to go as a group, depending on the week.



Community Service Guidelines

Community Service Guidelines


  • All students must complete a total of 40 community service hours to graduate.
  • The Community Service requirement is meant to foster an ethic of volunteerism that is part of everyday life where the volunteering is integrated and balanced with other obligations. 
  • Community service hours are defined as hours spent working for a non-profit group, or organization that benefits the community. You cannot be paid or compensated for these hours.  
  • Service must not place the student in an unsafe or dangerous environment.
  • Service must be on the student's own time, not taken from school academic time.
  • Door to Door Soliciting/ Distribution of information will not be counted as community service hours.

Community Service Activities (These COUNT for Community Service): 

  • Volunteering for non-profit groups such as schools, youth organizations, beach clean-up organizations, church groups,* etc. 
  • Creating your own community service projects! Design your own and have a teacher or staff member be your advisor.
  • Fundraising for non-profit organizations like the Red Cross or American Cancer Society
  • School-related volunteering, such as helping out with school events or volunteering with a teacher during non-academic time.  

*When benefiting the community at large, not for promotion of religion*


Places to consider earning community service hours: 

  • Animal Shelter 
  • Camp Koinonia (science camp) 
  • Habitat for Humanity 
  • YMCA
  • PAWS
  • Jacobs Heart
  • Leaves & Fishes
  • Watsonville Nursing Ctr.
  • American Red Cross 
  • Second Harvest 
  • Teen Kitchen 
  • Ca Native Plant Society 
  • California Grey Bears 
  • Dominican Hospital 
  • Help Santa Cruz County Technology  Alliance 
  • New Life Santa Cruz Homeless Shelter 
  • Pajaro Valley Homeless Shelter 
  • Santa Cruz Homeless Shelter 
  • Save our Shores 
  • United Way 
  • Youth for Environmental Sanity 
  • A children’s tutoring center 
  • A nursing center or hospital 
  • Your church or temple*
  • Help a teacher
  • City of Watsonville Parks and Recreation.
  • Create your own! Pick something meaningful and important to you.

Non-Community Service Activities (These DO NOT count): 

  • Class assignments and field trips
  • School fundraising activities for clubs, sports teams, or other group
  • Activities for which you are PAID 
  • Court-mandated community service OR community service that is required as part of a class or assignment
  • Door to Door Soliciting/ Distribution of information



If you need help figuring out your community service, see your counselor.

Community Service Ideas in our Area


Santa Cruz Farmers Market Needs a Volunteer

The Santa Cruz Community Farmers' Markets is in need of a volunteer

who is willing to join their fabulous, hardworking team to make a

difference in people's lives throughout the county every week.

Santa Cruz Community Farmers' Markets and Second Harvest Food Bank

work together to help our diverse community by educating people about

the Calfresh Program and guiding them throughout the process.

For more information about this opportunity click here  -

Second Harvest Food Bank

or contact:

Nicole Zahm, Education and Events Coordinator Santa Cruz Community

Farmers' Markets


Loaves and Fishes Volunteer Opportunity 

Second Harvest Food Bank- NEEDS HELP !

Second Harvest Food Bank is in need of morning volunteers for the following months:  February, March and  April, Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am-1:00 pm packing mixed produce bags.  This requires long periods of standing, some bending and lifting.

We hope that you will be able to donate some of your time to help us, to continue to serve our community.

If you can help, please contact me with your full name and contact number.

Rosario Valerio

Volunteer Service Manager

Second Harves Food Bank

800 Ohlone Parkway

Watsonville California 95076

(831) 722-7110 X 205